Thursday, 24 November 2016

COUPLES ONLY: The 7 things she expects during f0replay

For women, foreplay is a very important part of se x, so it is very important you adopt the right moves. If this is the first time being with her then your foreplay skills will determine whether or not she would come back.
The right foreplay moves can either excite her for what is to come, or kill her mood. It is a very big indication of what she can expect when you ‘let loose.’
1. K issing: Kissing is the first step to getting her aroused. If you can perfect this, then the lady is all yours. Make sure you start light before going heavily. Try not to slobber her with spit or invade her mouth with your tongue.
2. Nibbling: If done right, you can add a little more spark with your teeth. The trick is knowing where she would like to be nibble. If unsure, you can start at the ears and move to the lips. Her responds will let to know how to proceed.
3. Massage: As much physical contact as you can get with her before the main course is very welcomed.  Start with the shoulders or feet, and eventually work it so that it turns into a full body experience.
4. Body kissing: This can be worked into your massage if you know what you are doing. As you touch her, give her kisses – on her neck, down her spine, down her tummy, on her inner thighs, etc. Ignite the fire until she can take no more.
5. Bre asts play: Women hate it when men spend all day looking at their boobs, but when it comes to foreplay or sex, they totally ignore them. Lick, suck, kiss, massage, as long as you can and she is enjoying it. Heck, you can even make her orgasm that way.
6. F inger play: This is a really good way to introduce yourself to her vagina without outright penis thrusts.
7. Light oral: This is one of the best parts for women. If you have come this far, then don’t kill the vibe by doing this wrong. Lightly touch your tongue to her clitoris and labia. The teasing will drive her wild.